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Two Way Radios for Manufacturing

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If you work in the Manufacturing Industry, then you know how important professional grade two-way radios are for creating a more efficient operation. Whether you work in a small warehouse or large manufacturing facility, professional grade two-way radios make it possible for employees to instantly speak with other co-workers and supervisors. That means workers don’t have to leave their station unmanned when they’re looking for another employee or make a potentially dangerous run across the shop floor just to relay a fast message. Two-way radios are so effective for manufacturing facilities that many studies have found that the equipment can pay for itself in just a couple of months because of the amount of time they save.

No matter how big or small your plant is, Discount Two-Way Radio provides manufacturing facilities a one-stop communications solution, whether its two-way radios, accessories, programming, systems, or repairs. Whatever your needs, we can help. Call today to request a quote.

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Two-Way Radios are Crucial for Safety in the Work Place!

UHF Radios & Manufacturing Communication Systems for Indoor Use

There are two main types of two-way radios: UHF (Ultra High Frequency) and VHF (Very High Frequency). We generally recommend UHF radios for use in warehouses, manufacturing facilities, large retail stores, and other indoor applications.

While VHF radio signals travel further, the signal can be obstructed by obstacles. UHF radio signals are able to penetrate and move around obstacles more effectively, making them the better option when it comes to two-way radios for manufacturing.

As always, if you’re not sure which type of radio is ideal for your specific application, just give us a call. Our knowledgeable experts can recommend products that will deliver optimal performance in your facility, as well as two-way radio accessories that can further improve your communications.

Crystal-Clear Communications

It’s no secret that manufacturing factories tend to be noisy. That’s why alongside our manufacturing communication systems, we sell radios that deliver plenty of volume so every message is heard loud and clear. We have DMR (Digital Mobile Radio) solutions that are known for their exceptional volume and clarity, ensuring that you never have to second-guess a message.

In addition to selling two-way radios for manufacturing with plenty of wattage for loud environments, we also sell important accessories for manufacturing facilities. Noise-reducing headsets are perfect for keeping outside noise at bay. We also have earpieces and microphone kits that facilitate hands-free communication.

Professional Radios for Less

If you thought top-of-the-line manufacturing communication systems wouldn’t fit your budget, you may be surprised by our extremely competitive prices. While our prices are consistently the lowest on the market, we only sell top-quality products tested and approved by seasoned industry vets. When you shop at Discount Two-Way Radio, you always get the most value for your dollar.

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Shopping for two-way radios for manufacturing can be confusing if you’re not already familiar with the industry. That’s where we come in -- we know radios so you don’t have to. Whether you need a quick recommendation or assistance designing a custom communications system, our team gives you the one-on-one customer service you only get from a family-owned company.

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All of our products include our industry-leading three-year warranty, so shop with absolute confidence. Want to know more about our products and discover some exciting exclusive promotions? Call 800-895-5122 or contact us online now. The right two-way radios for manufacturing can pay for themselves in no time with drastic productivity and efficiency gains. Talk to us today about our reliable manufacturing communication systems.