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Cash 4 Clunkers Two-Way Radio Trade-In Program

Turn your drawer full of broken radios into credit

Our simple process

Step 1:Fill out the form below or call us at 800-895-5122 to get an estimate on your trade-in credit.

Step 2: Send in your old two-way radios for recycling. (Send to: DTWR Cash 4 Clunkers, 555 W Victoria St, Rancho Dominguez CA 90220)

Step 3: Place an order for new RCA equipment and apply your credit.


"I have to say I took a chance on the RCA radios and I can't believe how good the range is on the handheld. I have a project at the Orlando airport. If you have ever been to a airport 2way radios don't work well without a repeater well I can talk to all 4 of my crews spred out the Airport which I could not do with my icom or Motorola radios in fact I was able to talk to my forman from home depot 6 miles away while he was in the belly of the bagroom with the handheld. The base is currently in my truck which increases the range have gotten up to 10 miles if the handheld is outside on uhf. I'm very happy. So with that said I have a number of projects we are working all at airports I'm looking to replace all my icom with RCA Thank you for the fast service and responding to my concerns and questions."

- Andy Neil, JSM and Associates

Terms and Conditions
  • Credit can only be used towards a purchase of new RCA Two-Way Radio Equipment; Handhelds, Mobile Radios or Base Stations.
  • Radios must be sent with antenna, belt clip, charger and battery.
  • The radio credit varies depending on the radio model, condition and age of the equipment. The minimum credit is $5.00 and the maximum is $25.00 per each radio traded in.
  • If a Multi-unit charger is sent back for trade-in, it must be accompanied by at least 6 radios. All multi-unit chargers must be in working condition. $50.00 OFF towards purchasing a new RCA multi-unit charger for RCA two-way radios will be applied with all multi-unit chargers trade-ins.
  • Mobile radios can be traded in at a flat rate of $25.00, regardless of brand and model.
  • Radio equipment must be sent to Discount Two-Way Radio at 555 W Victoria St, Rancho Dominguez CA 90220. Discount Two-Way Radio is not responsible for any shipping charges.
  • The old Radio equipment for trade-in must be received at Discount Two-Way Radio's location within 30 calendar days after the invoice date.
  • If the radio equipment being traded-in is not received within 30 calendar days after the invoice date, the account will be billed for the full retail amount of the purchased, new RCA radio equipment. No trade-in refunds will be issued if the equipment being traded in is received by Discount Two-Way Radio after the above mentioned time frame.
  • Discount Two-Way Radio will issue the trade-in refund within 48 hours of receiving the equipment being traded in.
  • In case of dispute a tracking number must be provided, validating the receipt of the traded-in radio equipment at Discount Two-Way Radio’s location and the date of delivery.
  • We accept radios in almost any condition. Trade-in value varies according to the condition of the traded equipment.
  • You can use one form for 6 radios. 

*Trade-in credit can only be applied one for one. You cannot trade-in multiple radios for the purchase of a lesser quantity. If more radios are sent in for credit than are being purchased, the remaining credit will be left open on your account for future radio purchases. Trade-in credit can't be combined with any other special offer or discount.